Wind Turbine System


HHI(Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) strives to satisfy the needs of worldwide customer's through constant innovation.

Since entering wind business, HHI has invested and renewed the latest technologies to become a world leader in the Wind Turbine Industry.

  • Production Capacity
    The wind turbine factory has been constructed from February and completed in the end of September 2009 in Gunsan, the western area of Korea. Because Gunsan factory is close to the seaport, it is convenient to transport the large size of wind turbine components for exporting.
  • Design for high reliability
    Hyundai is doing design work with focusing on reliability of turbines. Our technologies are recognized worldwide as leading class. HHI technological innovation combined with our industrial planning ability assures our customer satisfaction.
  • Worldwide guaranteed performance
    HQ1650 and HQ2000 were type certified by world renowned certification associations. These two onshore turbines have a proven worldwide track record. With this experience HHI is taking the next step by developing the 5.5MW offshore wind turbine(HQ5500) will be commercially available in 2014. The prototype of HQ5500 will be installed and tested by certification body for Type Certification before commercial production.
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